Why justice matters

Lawyers, judges, politicians, academics and philosophers often appeal to notions of ‘justice’ in public debate and civic discourse. But what the term ‘justice’ actually means is often loosely defined and uncritically understood. Oxford defines justice in terms of ‘just behaviour or treatment’ and ‘the quality of being fair and reasonable’. Cambridge defines justice as ‘the … Continue reading Why justice matters

2017/18 Outgoing MULC President’s Report

On April 16, 2018 I delivered the following Outgoing President's Report at the conclusion of my term as Melbourne University Liberal Club President. Today I am pleased to deliver my final Report as Club President after what has certainly been an eventful thirteen months in the role. Although not without its challenges, 2017 was an … Continue reading 2017/18 Outgoing MULC President’s Report

In Favour of Sam Seaborn

To my mind, the dumping of The West Wing's Sam Seaborn remains one of the greatest TV injustices ever committed. Sam's greatest character trait is undeniably his persistent idealism and unhesitating devotion to the noblest political aspirations. His deep, genuine belief in the potential of the American political system to improve peoples' everyday lives is refreshing … Continue reading In Favour of Sam Seaborn