Article for De Minimis: Shayna Jack is not a ‘drug cheat’

To define Shayna by her mistakes is to deny the whole person that is Shayna Jack.

The first semester I contributed to De Minimis (Semester 2 of 2018 – my second semester at law school), I happened to submit two articles, both of which were published. Not only was this a newfound level of success (compared to the inevitable rejections that come with submitting content to commercial newspapers as a twenty-something university student), I was also subsequently invited to become a staff writer.

Conceptually, De Minimis staff writers are supposed to contribute to the paper a minimum of two articles per semester. This is not a particularly onerous burden, but nevertheless it is a commitment that I believe ought to be taken seriously.

I have approached this commitment bearing two things in mind: 1. It’s better to over-perform than under-deliver, and so it’s always best to meet that 2-per-semester quota in the first half of semester; and 2. The commitment means the most in the slower weeks when the paper is actively searching for submissions.

It was in that spirit that I wrote the following article on the most recent doping controversy to hit Australian swimming. I had been following the developments out of interest, so when a call was put out for submissions to help fill the Week 2 issue it was the first thing that sprang to mind.

You can read it in full here:

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