Why justice matters

Lawyers, judges, politicians, academics and philosophers often appeal to notions of ‘justice’ in public debate and civic discourse. But what the term ‘justice’ actually means is often loosely defined and uncritically understood. Oxford defines justice in terms of ‘just behaviour or treatment’ and ‘the quality of being fair and reasonable’. Cambridge defines justice as ‘the … Continue reading Why justice matters

Travel Diary: America’s Golden Gateway

San Francisco is an incredible city rich in culture and history. I wanted to visit San Francisco in particular for the opportunity to visit San Francisco Chinatown, which represents the largest Chinese ethnic enclave outside of Asia. The original Chinatown itself is a marvel, spanning five zipcodes and some 24 blocks. The streets are lined … Continue reading Travel Diary: America’s Golden Gateway

‘Honourable Mentions’: forgotten justices of the High Court

Knowing our history is an important part of knowing ourselves and where we are going. The following Justices may or may not be noteworthy for their contributions to legal scholarship, but their respective contributions to High Court trivia should not be overlooked. Albert Piddington Piddington was appointed alongside Sir Charles Powers (the first solicitor ever … Continue reading ‘Honourable Mentions’: forgotten justices of the High Court